Hymeth commenced its commercial production of Hyaeon™

Energy systems are evolving, and fast throughout the world. The past ten years have seen the rise (and dramatic cost reduction) of renewables such as wind and solar, to the extent that they are no longer considered ‘alternative’ energy.

What will be the next big thing as we shift to a low-carbon future? We believe it’s hydrogen.

To answer this need, Hymeth has commenced its commercial production of Hyaeon™, our low temperature high pressure electrolyzer. With Hyaeon™ we have reinvented the electrolyzer to create a more efficient alternative to PEM electrolyzers. The product is patent pending with a technology that gives overall efficiency as high as 96% as well as low heat generation. Also, the size of Hyaeon™ is much smaller in comparison to the current market products. The production and testing are going to be completed in the month of October this year and scale up projects are planned afterwards.

Produced hydrogen and oxygen will be stored in light weight carbon composite cylinders directly from the high pressure electrolyzer to make it easy for transportation and for various industries. We are working in close collaboration with Danish Technological Institute, Denmark for testing.

With a supplier base across the world, we are sourcing our high-quality raw materials from USA, European countries, including Denmark, China and India. For initial production support we have partnered with Alfa Laval A/S in Søborg, Denmark to utilize some of their manufacturing facilities and workforce. We are also working to establish our own manufacturing facility to meet future demands.