Hymeth collaborates with Alfa Laval Innovation Centre

In the strive to achieve a sustainable world for a better future, we at Hymeth, are working with innovative technologies to pioneer the redefinition of hydrogen production. As different reports across the world suggest, by 2050, it is expected that hydrogen technologies will provide 18% of the world’s total energy needs. By that time, the annual sales generated from the hydrogen fuel cell market will reach $2.5 trillion and create 30 million jobs globally.

But where will all this hydrogen come from?

To contribute to this substantial goal, Hymeth ApS has collaborated with Alfa Laval Innovation House in Søborg, Denmark to utilize some of their manufacturing facilities to produce our first fully functional, low temperature, high pressure, electrolyzer.

This collaboration will enable us to utilize the manufacturing expertise of Alfa Laval A/S to deliver a high-quality product at substantial lower cost.

As the first commercial production is starting this July, this collaboration will bring out the best out of the two teams, achieving our common sustainable goal.