Best in class electrocatalyst available at Hymeth only!

Sure, the competition has similar catalysts too but theirs does not match the performance of the Hymeth catalyst. 

See for yourself:

The Hymeth commercial grade electrocatalyst can achieve a current density over 500mA cm² on 1,7 V as seen on this graph while the competition can only achieve an insignificant current density on this voltage. Hymeth is performing at a ten-fold higher level than what exists in the industry today, which is essential when making a compact electrolyzer.  Hymeth believes it can perform even better and is working on breaking the ground again of the catalyst activity.  There is simply nothing comparable in the market today. 

And furthermore, the Hymeth catalyst is highly mass production friendly using simple wet electrochemistry and heat treatment methodology to a level never seen before.

The production process can be divided in four steps which are all very low cost with no need for special equipment. 

What is break making news is that Hymeth can now achieve a highly efficient electrolyzer using the remarkable catalyst.  The product is a core-shell electrocatalyst with an extremely low electrical resistance, using copper as electrode subtract. Copper has the least resistance which allows for less heat generation during the electrolysis process. The outer shell works as a protective barrier for the solid copper inner core. The core works as a highway to transfer current to the catalyst shell.  The shell is made of three metal alloys, copper (Cu)-nickel (Ni)-iron (Fe) and behaves like gold-based core-shell electrocatalyst. The materials are very low-cost and highly durable for both hydrogen and oxygen evolution reaction, which means, the catalyst is by-functional for overall water splitting reaction.  The catalyst can easily replace the traditional platinum or iridium oxide-based catalyst used in acidic electrolyzers. This is another major advantage of the Hymeth catalyst. 

Eight reasons why Hyaeon™ will take the place of classic electrolyzers:

  1. The catalyst is highly active for both OER and HER.
  2. The catalyst is highly durable.
  3. The catalyst is mass production friendly.
  4. The material and production cost are significantly lower than what is on the market today.
  5. The catalyst is easily scalable for larger electrolysis system.
  6. The metals are easily sourced, they are abundant and can be found anywhere on the planet at a reasonable cost.
  7. The catalyst is highly reproduceable with less than 5% error.
  8. The catalyst can withstand a lot of internal pressure since it is not produced like traditional power form. Thus, no adhesion process is needed with the electrode substrate. Our catalyst is just a natural shell of the electrode substrate.

At Hymeth, we developed technologies to produce and store sustainable hydrogen and oxygen gas more efficiently than ever before. We can also use the technologies to produce synthetic hydrocarbon fuel as an alternative to fossil fuel.  It is the future. It is the present. Hydrogen is safe, and Hymeth can ensure its sustainable production. 

          We call it “Journey towards a sustainable world”