Our History

Full commercial production

Hymeth will be in full commercial production.

Company growth

Hymeth launches its first product Hyaeon™ in Sweden while preparing for full commercial production. Hymeth moves to a location outside Copenhagen, Denmark in Søborg and entered a collaboration with Alfa Laval. Today Hymeth has a diverse workforce with employees from Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

Hymeth is a research and development company with its own design, engineering, production and marketing. The focus on R&D is in Hymeth’s DNA to keep pushing the frontier of science and engineering making Hymeth a pioneer in novel technologies.

Follow-up investment rounds

Sumon and Mitat teamed up with angel investors and a team of expert engineers to make the first product from a purchase order received.

First investor

While doing research Sumon applied for the KIC InnoEnergy Highway program which is a two years accelerator program. Hymeth was accepted into InnoEnergy’s Highway program in July 2017 and built the first working prototype and a live demo was showcased in Amsterdam at the TBB conference. There was strong interest from industry with Hymeth receiving some pre-orders.

Founding of Hymeth

The company was founded after Sumon and Mitat Ucar came up with the concept for Hymeth. In the beginning the concept was to make sustainable synthetic methane/natural gas for household as well as for the restauration industry.

KIC, CSE and more university research

Sumon took part in the Climate Launch Pad competition organized by the Climate KIC and was a Danish national finalist. After this competition he joined the Start-up Denmark Program which is an initiative of the Danish Business Authority to establish businesses in Denmark with international growth potential.

His business model was approved and he then attended Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship CSE for a year. At that time, he collaborated also with Copenhagen University with a team of five researchers.

Home based research and university collaboration

In his private home Sumon started experimenting and his research proved promising. It led to a collaboration with university students and at the same time he made an initial prototype by himself: it simply worked. This encouraged him to write a business plan.

Initial research phase

Sumon Bishwas, founder of Hymeth, has always wanted to contribute to help solve some of the major challenges the world faces, using his passion for science. So he started studying the technical research available. His studies evolved over time with the main idea of creating more sustainable, environmentally friendly processes, that is, to produce gas from renewable electricity.



Hymeth is on a path to help use resources wisely by offering clean and sustainable energy solutions.



Hymeth has the ambition to change the way we consume energy going from polluting and non sustainable sources to a clean and green environment.



Excellence in everything we do.

Innovation is the mindset of our work.

Sustainability is the goal we are able to reach.