Why is our journey important

The name Hymeth is the combination of the words hydrogen and methane specifying Hymeth’s core technology in the sustainable production of these gases. The common thread in Hymeth is sustainability and contributing to a world where the environment is given particular consideration.

Hymeth’s chemistry creates no pollution when producing hydrogen if sourced from renewables such as wind and solar. Hydrogen is an energy carrier for storing renewable electricity and transportation such as fuel cell electrical vehicle using technology that is sustainable and environmentally friendly unlike cobalt based battery technologies that are found in electrical cars on the market today.

Hydrogen also has huge potential in many industrial applications such as the steel industry to name just one. The electrolyzer to produce hydrogen is called Hyaeon™, is patent pending, and Hyaeon™ is currently in production. The first sale of Hyaeon™ marked a milestone for Hymeth and the product will be delivered to a Swedish customer in 2019. Hymeth is a privately-owned company located in the Copenhagen area of Denmark.


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